Špeciálne jednotky Slovenskej republiky

ZVJS Response Team


Prison and Justice Guard (ZVJS) within meaning of act 4/2001 of Prison and Justice Guard (ZVJS) is armed security force which performs tasks in field of detention, imprisonment, protection and guarding ZVJS buildings, security, order and security in court buildings and prosecution facilities. In order to perform tasks with ZVJS to ensure the scope of detention, imprisonment, protection and surveillance of ZVJS buildings assigned for detention and sentences of imprisonment, as well as other prison facilities, in search for accused and convicted persons in the event of escape from imprisonment or custody within the meaning of RMS 2/2006 establish Special Intervention Groups. In ZVJS scope are 17 Special Intervention Units each of them has its own squad. In necessary situations in infringement of the accused and convicted, which cannot be handled by deployment of the Response team from particular department of ZVJS, are established holding areas: Bratislava, Trenčín, Banská Bystrica and Košice.

Prerequisite for the deployment of the Special Response Team in action is putting it into standby particularly:

  • By the disturbances and riots, or uprising of more defendants or convicts, who abolished order in the constitution
  • By unfavorable domestic and international situation, which could lead to unrest, riots of accused or convicted
  • Before, during and after the statement of amnesty of the President of Slovak Republic
  • By an unexpected collective refusal to order by accused and convicted
  • In physical attack by people who are in prison accused or convicted
  • For the violent actions of the accused or convicted leading to escape from institute
  • In other unexpected situations, when it comes to offense with charged or convicted at which the health, or life of others is threatened, or large-scale damage is expected
  • Completing tasks enhanced surveillance and protection.

One of the main parts of the Special Response Team which is mainly used in performance of official duties is Intervention Unit. If action of whole Special Response Team is not needed, only Intervention Unit can independently perform such action.
In selected institutions ZVJS – Leopoldov, Nitra, Banska Bystrica and Kosice Intervention Units specialists are trained to work at heights and depths of free climbing technique possessing the identity of competence within the meaning of SUBP and SBU 374/1990. Parts of Intervention Units are also dog handlers with the service and each Intervention Unit requires a number of knowledge of martial arts – JU JITSU

Intervention Unit can in addition to the tasks specified in the Special Response Team perform other tasks, namely:

  • escorting of remand or convicted or sentenced to life in prison
  • in SR organize and execute escorts when moving to other institution of ZVJS accused who are in custody on suspicion of having committed a particularly serious crime committed by an organized group, a criminal organization or terrorist group, convicted or who are in prison for committing such an offence
  • ensuring the safety and protection of the courts and prosecutor’s offices in the escort and hearings with defendants who are in custody on suspicion of having committed a particularly serious crime committed by an organized group, a criminal organization or terrorist group, convicted, or who are in prison for committing such an offense,
  • provide, where necessary, protection of ZVJS buildings


It should be noted that members of Intervention Unit are members of the ZVJS included the ZVJS in various positions, suggesting that the intervention units to work beyond their normal duties.




  • Pistol: PI vz. 75B or 75D cal 9mm Luger, CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom
  • Assault rifle: Automatic rifle vz. 58 cal. 7.62mm
  • Shotgun : Mossberg, Winchester Deffender
  • Expansion unit: KRAKEN with different types of special ammunition (container shot with rubber bullets, tennis ball, riot control charge (P-2)
  • Knives: UTON
  • Tactical grenades: RGSL, CS smoke charge, riot control charge P1, P2




  • Uniforms: Black BDU
  • Vests: Bulletproof vest KIRASSA with reinforced steel plate, anti – stab vest, tactical vest
  • Shoes: Special shoes – Bardejov
  • Helmets: Ballistic helmet with visor, counter blow helmet
  • Gas Masks: M -10
  • Goggles: TAC Bolle
  • Add-ons : Selected institutions: climbing gear, abrasive cutter, knee and elbow protectors, paintball guns with accessories Tippman 98, anti-riot shields
translated by Zeldo
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