Špeciálne jednotky Slovenskej republiky

Riot control units 

There are 2640 officers in Riot control units in  Slovak republic. Officers are located in their own police departments  and they working as “uniform” police.
Riot control units are using near public nuisance, big sports events,  controling of public order near summits and cultural events where is  public nuisance possibillity.

  • personal plastic protection, (“turtles”)
  • fire-retardant clothing
  • special helmets
  • gas masks
  • plastic shields
  • batons
  • fire-extinguishers
  • personal weaponry and equipment (pistol, CS spray, handcuffs)
  • watter cannons, mounted police, dog handlers
  • special guns – paintball, rubber bullets


Military police (Ministry of Defence) has Riot control units too. Counts  are unknown.

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