Špeciálne jednotky Slovenskej republiky

Intervention Unit ( SWAT ) of National Criminal Agency (NAKA) (since December 1st 2012)


This Bureau is making surveillance using intelligence methods, gathering, compiling, interpreting and analyzing information about the investigations and verifying suspects within the Bureau´s responsibility.

The Bureau is using their own SWAT team for execution of interventions.

There is cooperation with Lynx Commando, Emergency police units, Protective service, Unit of services interventions of Customs and close cooperation with BRI Paris (France).




In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the bureau of the struggle against organized crime Interior Minister imposed in November 2004 by his order No. 45 to Police President to establish Intervention Unit. The Intervention Unit of Bureau has been established by order of Police President No. 142 on December 23th and the bureau began to use it for professional interventions from January 1st 2005. Intervention Unit ( SWAT ) became part of newly formed bureau National Criminal Agency from December 1st 2012.




The main task of the Intervention Unit of Bureau is the implementation of interventions against perpetrators of crimes related to tampering with narcotics and psychotropic substances, precursors and poisons and perpetrators of particularly serious crimes that fall within the scope of authority. Interventions of the intervention Unit are conducted under a unified command, using special weaponry, special equipment and other material. Intervention Unit accomplishes the interventions according to instructions of commander of interference, either alone or in cooperation with other departments of the Police Force, or in cooperation with the Customs authorities.

Members of the intervention group participate in regular training, which consists of physical fitness training, firearms training, the training focused on the tactics of intervention and instructional-methodological work aimed at police intervention tactics.




The applicant must be a member NAKA PPZ. Successfully complete physical tests, which consist of pull-ups, sit-ups for 2 minutes, 100 meter run, 12 minute run, 100 m swimming, self-defense (boxing), power disciplines (push-ups, an own weight bench press, 20 kg bench press ), shooting, skills tests, memory and stress resistance.

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