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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Jozef Hradel sentenced to 20 years by Banska Bystrica court for mudrering spouses Anna († 68) and Milan († 67) Smondrkovec in Velka Lehota (Zarnovica district). Killer was cuffed also on legs all the time as safety measurements. He pleaded guilty. In the past Jozef was elite law enforcement officier and VIP protection. ZVJS Response Team was present ensuring security precautions.

source (slovak language only) (FOTO+VIDEO): www.cas.sk/clanok/261545/exkuklac-podla-prokuratora-vykostil-manzelov-k-vrazde-sa-priznal.html

Operative Deployment Group of the Customs Administration and Customs Criminal Office’s Intervention Unit had highly attractive international dynamic display at NATO Days in Ostrava

VIDEO (time 108:50) : www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10486287967-dny-nato

Accused businessman Trajter was imported from Seychelles by private aircraft on Wednesday. He was escorted by island law enforcement officers during the flight. After landing he was handovered to Slovak police and summoned to special court on Friday. He was escorted by Lynx Commando on one of his visitation.
source (Slovak language only) + FOTO: http://www.cas.sk/clanok/260899/sudca-o-trajterovi-pojde-do-vazby-aby-neusiel-a-neovplyvnoval-svedkov.html

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