Špeciálne jednotky Slovenskej republiky


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Cvičenie organizoval Pohotovostný policajný útvar Žilina. Cvičenia sa zúčastnili rôzne špeciálne jednotky z Poľska, Českej republiky a Slovenskej republiky, ale aj Horská služba a Hasiči. Prvá časť cvičenia sa odohrávala na Liptovskej Mare a druhá časť na Strelnici Jasná

galeria: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1747484689014374&set=pcb.1747486329014210&locale=sk_SK

Two Slovak soldiers were among three NATO personnel killed Friday in Kabul when a Taliban suicide attacker detonated an explosives-packed car next to a NATO military convoy, Slovakia’s defense ministry confirmed. “We can confirm that two members of the Slovak armed forces died today in an attack on a convoy in Afghanistan,” a ministry statement issued in the capital Bratislava said. Source: http://www.defensenews.com/article/20131227/DEFREG01/312270009/Two-Slovakian-Soldiers-Killed-Kabul-Suicide-Car-Bomb

Štefan Hamran – commander of Lynx Commando with one masked member of lynx commando have been participating on interview to news channel TA3 show called “Midnight Talks” on 19th of April 2013. Colonel Ľubomír Šebo – commander of 5th Regiment of Special Assignment appeared in second half together with one masked member of elite military unit.

source (Slovak language only): www.ta3.com/clanok/1018306/rozhovory-cez-polnoc-z-19-aprila

On 17th of April a counter terrorism exercise was contucted in Kolarovo Slovakia involving police counter terrorism units from Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Slovak Lynx commando (Utvar osobitneho urcenia) and 5th Special Force Regiment (Army). The exercise was part of international EU Exercise goin on in 9 countries. The scenario was inspired by the Beslan school hostage crisis in 2004. The seige was going on for around 3 hours and there were 335 students and teachers taken as hostages. Several of students were psychically traumatised and had to be medically dismissed from exercise.

source: http://ewallstreeter.com/atlas-common-challenge-counter-terrorism-exercise-slovakia-5873/
Scenario was very similar to Beslan tragedy (Russia). There were different Counter Terrorism Exercises on same day within Atlas group conducted by different nations and teams.
video (new): New actionpack video
video (live footage during day): www.ta3.com/clanok/1018157/elitne-jednotky-v-akcii
video (actionpack): www.ta3.com/clanok/1018184/atlas-common-challenge-2013
article + gallery (Slovak language only): tvnoviny.sk/sekcia/domace/archiv/na-slovensku-sa-zopakoval-teroristicky-utok-z-ruskeho-beslanu
gallery: www.webnoviny.sk/svet/fiktivni-teroristi-obsadili-skolu
gallery: www.teraz.sk/fotodennik/cvicenie-elitnych-protiteroristickych
article (Slovak language only): spravy.pozri.sk/clanok/Obrazom:-Fiktivni-teroristi-obsadili-skolu-v-Kolarove

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