Špeciálne jednotky Slovenskej republiky

Customs Criminal Office’s Intervention Unit


Highly specialized unit of Slovak Customs Administration commits  actions in areas all over the Slovak Republic. These are mostly against  dangerous criminals which concentrate on various goods and drugs  smuggling and also for the protection of regular customs officers.

The only person who may give an order for the deployment of this  special unit is the director of Customs Criminal Office. The following  action is led by the unit’s commander. He is also deciding about the use  of various weapons or coercive measures.

If it’s necessary for the personal protection of Intervention Unit’s  members or their relatives, the office’s director or unit’s commander  may give an order for the usage of black masks.




2004: 101 deployments, 270 suspects arrested, 12 kilos of explosives  and 50 cherry bombs




  • Pistols: 9 mm Luger Glock 17 and 19
  • SMG:  9 mm Luger Heckler Koch MP5 A5, Heckler Koch MP5 SD6, Heckler    Koch MP5 K PDW
  • Assaut rifles:  Sig Sauer 551 SWAT – 5.56 NATO, SA mod.58 cal. 7.62 
  • Shotguns: Benelli M4 Super 90
  • Knifes:  Tactical knifes Glock
  • Tactical grenades:   P 1, P 2 




  • BDUs: Black colour BDU, metro and army camouflage, 
  • Vests: Russia ballistic vests – Kirassa, tactical vests VEP
  • Helmets:  Gallet with balistic shield
  • Goggles: Tactical Bolle
  • Gas Masks: CM 5
  • Shoes: Hi-Tec Magnum
  • Accessories: Balistic shield with visor, tactical Nomex gloves, special breaching    accessories

Intervention Unit often trains with other units, among these are also  Czech SON (Skupina operatívneho nasadenia – Operational  Deployment Group), German ZUZ, Hungar Merkur.

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