Špeciálne jednotky Slovenskej republiky




Emergency and training Mobile Intervention Unit of the Police Department, Directorate of Border Police – Sobrance was established on September 19th 2008 by the instruction of Director of the Border and Foreign police department.


Emergency and training intervention unit performs following tasks in the field of:

  • Fight against crime
  • Life and health of persons and property protection
  • Police transfers and escorts
  • Border surveillance
  • Public order
  • Special activities
  • Trainign
  • Protection of designated persons


  • Pistols : Glock 17 with GTL 21, 9mm Luger or CZ 75, 9mm Luger
  • Assault rifle: Automatic rifle vz. 58 cal. 7.62mm
  • Submachine gun: Sa vz. 61 – Scorpion cal. 7.65mm Browning
  • Shotgun: Winchester defender
  • Knife: Uton vz. 75
  • Tactical grenades: P1, P2


  • Uniforms: Black, green, camo BDU or Casual wear
  • Vests: Bulletproof vest KIRASSA with reinforced steel plate, tactical vest
  • Goggles: TAC Bolle
  • Shoes: Special shoes – Bardejov
  • Gas masks: Gas mask M-95 Military NBC full Kit (USA)
  • Night vision: Infra binocular CLARA, Thermocam
  • Add ons
  • Tac gloves: NOMEX
  • camouflage disguises: white, green
  • special equipment to overcome the resistance or created obstacles
  • Mechanics
  • Personal vehicles, SUVs
  • Motobikes
  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Motorboats
  • Helicopter – available on request


Agent can execute actions if they were trained and practiced

  • Sniper
  • Medic
  • work at heights and depths

Organizational structure

  1. Training group
  2. Intervention group

Admission and entry conditions

A minimum of two years service in Police department

Excellent health

Driving license “B”

Physical tests

Day 1

  • Self defense
  • pull – ups
  • Sit – ups
  • Rope climbing
  • 100 meters run
  • 12 minutes run
  • 400 meters swimming
  • Shooting

Day 2

  • March rugged terrain about 20 km

psychological testing

Performance, personality tests, personal interviews and such

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