Špeciálne jednotky Slovenskej republiky

uouLynx Commando


Origin of unit came from URN – Czechoslovakian special unit and ancestor of current URN unit of Czech police. In former CSSR ( Czechoslovakia ), main objective were counter-terrorist actions, high risk warrant services. Members of URN came from both nations (Czech and Slovaks). After split of Czechoslovakia in 1993 on two separate states: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic was separate unit established in Slovakia. URN has 3 basic units of each district office. Slovak members of these units were redeployed to newly created unit in Slovakia. New unit has encounter serious actions in very beginning. In year 1993 were group of people held as hostages in old furniture factory. Situation were handled by negotiation, despite unit was full capable of intervention. Another situation happened in 1995 near Dunajska Luzna. Man carried bomb on him (human bomb) took bus passengers as hostages. After negotiations was found out that man didn’t have any bomb. Unit fully specialized to counter-terrorist actions was established in 1996. Next year after (1997) was officially announced UOU – Unit of special assignment  ( for English speaking countries known as : LYNX Commando ) with base in Bratislava.


Primary tasks

  • Counter-Terrorist actions
  • Hostage situations
  • High risk warrant services, etc

Other tasks

  • Preparing and updating plans of solving critical situations of possible terrorist attacks on special facilities (nuclear power plants, dams, chemical industry facilities, government buildings, etc.)
  • Gathering documents important for protection of international protected persons
  • Organizing cooperative trainings with other special units from European Union and NATO states on territory of Slovak Republic
  • Joining cooperative trainings with members of foreign special units on their territory
  • Helping with preparing new police officers for peacekeeping missions
  • Organizing and providing escort of cash transports or valuables
  • Recruitment new members


Organization structure of Lynx Commando is divided to :

  • Unit of special assignment (JOU)
    • operational teams
      • commanding officers
      • tactical response teams
    • analytic, documentation and training unit
      • instructor
      • psychologist
      • deputy commander of JOU (part of training unit when new recruits come to unit)
  • special operations and logistic unit  (JŠČaL)
  • service unit

Headquarters structure :

  • commander of Lynx Commando
  • deputy of commander (also commander of  special operations and logistic unit (JŠČaL) in one person)
  • commander of Unit of special assignment (JOU)
  • deputy of commander of special operations and logistic unit  (JŠČaL)
  • deputy of commander of Unit of special assignment (JOU)
  • commanders of teams
  • invited police officers
  • other employees


Candidate interview

candidate must fulfill all following requirements:

  • to be member of Slovak police
  • to  sign up for interview declared by police president
  • to be in very good physical shape
  • to pass physical tests (  109yrds run 13-15s. , 1.74 – 2.24 miles run for 12 mins.,1.86 mile run, etc. )
  • to have at least “B” driving license
  • to pass psychological screening
  • to pass “Hellweek”
  • to pass motivation interview


  •  Pistols9 mm Luger, – Sig Sauer P226 , Glock
  •  SMGs: Heckler&Koch 9 mm Luger, MP5A5 , MP5SD ,
  •  Assault rifles: Samopal vz. 58, kalibru 7.62 mm , Sig Sauer 551 Swat 5,56 ,HK G36K, k dispozícii aj s podvesným granátometom AG36
  •  Rifles: SSG 3000 308 Magnum, …
  •  Shotguns: Winchester Defender 1300, Benelli Nova Pump action
  •  Grenade Launchers: HK GP69
  •  Tactical Grenades: P1, P2
  •  Knives: UTON vz. 75, + podľa vlastného výberu


  • UniformsBDU čiernej a zelenej (maskáčovej) farby
  • Tactical Vests: Nepriestrelné vesty izraelskej výroby s odnímateľnými keramickými platňami (balistická ochrana triedy “A”), taktické vesty VEP
  • HelmetsUlbricht, používané i GSG9
  • GlassesTaktické okuliare
  • Gas masksGas mask M-95 Military NBC full Kit ( USA)
  • ShoesVojenská obuv firmy Obuv špeciál, Bardejov, Hi-Tec Magnum
  • Misc Balistické štíty s priezorom, taktické rukavice Nomex, špeciálna technika na prekonanie odporu alebo utvorenej prekážky (na    otvorenie dverí akéhokoľvek druhu)
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